InGeno Hair


For baldness, widespread hair loss, dandruff, flaking, and itchy scalp, and dry, dull, and weak hair.

InGeno Hair provides you with information on:

  • the risk of developing androgenic baldness;
  • the origin of scalp problems (dandruff, redness, itching, etc.);
  • personalized dermo-cosmetics program on DNA;
  • HAIR MAP, the foods that are friendly to your hair on a genetic basis.


Genetic predisposition is not everything. Its weight is about 20% in developing a problem written on a small switch in your DNA; the rest, 80%, depends on your daily choices (habits, lifestyle, environment in which you live) that turn your predisposition on or off.

Knowing your genetic predisposition to alopecia, identifying the causes of scalp problems (itching, dandruff, dermatosis, etc.) and premature hair ageing is important, but it doesn’t tell you what to do to turn off the switch on your DNA.

We have patented a methodthat:

  • analyze your DNA by looking for those portions of genes responsible for your hair problems
  • cross-reference the results with your individual factors (lifestyle)
  • develops a double personalized program of dermo-cosmetics and nutrition based on DNA to tell you what to do to solve your problem
  • reprogram the action of your genes responsible for the hair problem

What does food have to do with hair? Your food balance and lifestyle are your fingers on the switch. Now you can choose what to do to reprogram the action of your genes from the inside, choosing from 100 foods that are friendly to your DNA (HAIR MAP), and from the outside, on the hair and scalp, with active ingredients and dermo-cosmetics products based on genetics (personalized dermo-cosmetics program).