InGeno Food


InGeno Food guides you in choosing foods that are genetically friendly to your health, by crossing the DNA test data with those relating to your health and lifestyle, to get the maximum benefit from the food you eat.

InGeno Food provides you with information on:

  • intolerances and sensitivities of genetic origin
  • health of the intestinal microbiota
  • which of the more than 200 foods on our MyGenoFood map are friendly to your DNA and which ones are hostile or to be consumed in reduced quantities or frequency


Some foods, even following a healthy and balanced diet, can cause intestinal disorders, constipation, diarrhoea, dysbiosis, irritable bowel, abdominal bloating, overweight, slowed metabolism, and mood alterations. The causes are often linked to genetic intolerances and sensitivities to gluten, lactose, nickel, caffeine, or alterations in the intestinal bacterial flora (microbiota).

This all depends on your DNA, but genetic predisposition isn’t everything. Its weight is about 20% in developing a problem written on a small switch in your DNA; the rest, 80%, depends on your daily choices (habits, lifestyle, environment in which you live) that turn your predisposition on or off.

Knowing your genetic predisposition allows you to go to the origin of the problem, but it doesn’t tell you what to do to turn off the switch on your DNA.

We have developed a genetically based method that:

  • analyze the DNAby looking for those portions of genes responsible for your intestinal problems, genetic intolerances, and sensitivities, difficulties in losing weight or maintaining the results of a diet;
  • cross-reference the DNA results with your individual factors (lifestyle);
  • elaborates a personalized genetic-based nutrition program on over 200 different types of food;
  • reprograms the action of genes associated with a predisposition, to rebalance intestinal processes about one’s genetic individuality.

The result is MyGenoFood, the only food map that guides you in choosing foods that are friendly to your health on a genetic basis, by crossing the DNA test data with those relating to your health and your lifestyle, to obtain the maximum benefit. from the foods you eat.

Your food balance and lifestyle are your fingers on the switch.. The solution is in your hands. Now you can choose what to do to reprogram the action of your genes, without dieting and choosing your friendly foods from 200 different foods.