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Much more than just a DNA test.

At the root of the problem, the solution in your DNA

InGeno tells you everything you need to know to take maximum care of yourself and avoid risks to your health.

InGeno Skin
The path that from DNA identifies the elements your skin needs to slow down the aging process, and provides you with the information for a personalized dermocosmetics program on DNA

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InGeno Food
Health and general well-being pass through the health of the intestine and microbiota. InGeno Food is the path based on the most recent scientific discoveries on the efficacy of DNA-based nutrition: nutrigenetics.

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InGeno Hair
The path that starts from the DNA to get to the solution of the hair problems that afflict men and women, at all ages.

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How to do

Buy the desired test online

Receive the kit comfortably at home

Make the withdrawal easily by following the instructions contained in the Kit

Request free collection of the kit at your home

Receive the report and you can request expert support on your personalized journey

Knowing your genetic predisposition to develop a problem is not your solution.

We give you the solution based on your problem. In one test.

How does it work?

We are the only ones who have developed a scientific method of analysis and evaluation that can tell you:

  • if your problem is genetically based (genetic predisposition to develop a disorder)
  • how your current lifestyle and nutrition activates your predisposition
  • how to influence and modify your genetic predisposition by acting on the modifiable factors of your life choices.

From the problem to the genetic-based solution, there is only InGeno

Our uniqueness

Distinctive factors

Scientific approach

Our tests are developed on a rigorous scientific basis, in line with the international scientific literature. Our team is made up of researchers with many years of experience and international publications in the specific areas covered.


A complete diagnostic approach that allows maximum customization of treatments and therapies to achieve the best results and maintain them over time.

Innovative patented solutions

Unique tests on the market and based on patented methods. Our range offers innovative DNA-based diagnostic solutions for skin, hair and nutrition.

What they say about us

Thanks to InGeno I discovered a test that allowed me to treat a skin problem that I didn't expect to have.
The home delivery of the test was very quick and the report was sent to me in 5 working days.
The InGeno team has always been readily available to answer any of my doubts or questions.
They fully met my expectations.

CARLOTTA - Customer

The InGeno DNA test was a discovery.
The kit, including the test and "instruction manual", will be delivered to your home in no time. All very clear and easy to read.
Thanks to the InGeno food map I discovered which foods my body assimilates well and which a little less. By immediately putting into practice the advice, which emerged from the report, I feel much better!
Essential for following a healthy lifestyle that is in tune with the uniqueness of each of us.

CAMILLA - Customer

The InGeno DNA test is a touch of the made in Italy future, an investment in one's health and well-being education.
After taking the test and implementing the food changes, I was reborn because I have more awareness of what makes me feel good.
Excellent advice after the test.
Availability and professionalism in all respects!

FEDERICA - Customer

With InGeno, my work with patients has become easier. Availability, professionalism, ability to respond quickly and easily to my questions and doubts, seriousness and punctuality in sending kits and reports, scientific references always present and easy to consult, clear reports in every part, simple even for the patient . This is why I continue to choose InGeno.

VALENTINA - Nutritionist biologist

I use the InGeno Food nutrigenetics tests because I believe that nutrition is a preventive medicine. In fact, knowing our metabolic "deficits" through nutrigenetic investigation allows us to modulate the inflammation that underlies every problem with food. In this way, each person can make his food a general prevention tool.

SIMONA - Nutritionist biologist

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It's easy to use every day


Solved my ailments


I lost weight without diet


It improved my health


I have recovered my wellness

Survey conducted on a sample of 100 customers – Scientific Research and Higher Education Center.

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